Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The time has come.

I enter the Missionary Training Center today!!! I am a little nervous and scared, BUT I am super excited :)I cannot wait to serve the Lord in this glorious time. This is a historic time being 19 and entering the MTC with many other young children of God who answered the call to serve. I know I will be busy and tired all the time, but hey, I am choosing to do this, no one forced me to. I report in 4 hours!!! I need to get ready and finish packing!! AHH but better late than never,... right?! haha

My family and I all traveled up to Utah the Saturday before. We were able to take some family pictures, enjoy the snow, and go to the temple!

It has always been my dream to go through the Salt Lake City temple. And to take a picture in front of the temple while it is snowing! I was able to do BOTH of those things. I am so blessed and super happy :)

This is the last family picture for 5 years. My sister and I both report to the MTC today. My brother Austin will leave for his mission before we both return home. And then my brother Garrett will leave after Ashley and I are home, but Austin will still be serving his mission. AND THEN we will all be home for the youngest Blake to leave <3
I love my family SO MUCH!!!

Write me~
My mom will be updating my blog for me :) I won't have a phone, internet, or tv so feel free to write me a letter. Love you all, see you in 18 months!!rovo MTC: (until April 9th)
Sister Kelsey Lynn Jaeger
MTC Mailbox # 1
WA-KENN 0409
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

-Or send me an electronic letter while I am in the MTC through they will print and deliver it to me.

Mission Field:
Sister Kelsey Lynn Jaeger
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W Quinault Ave Ste D
Kennewick, WA 99336


Monday, February 25, 2013

Farewell Day & Open House

Pic after Farewell talks at church
 Luncheon, Open House & Setting Apart

6 cousins out of this group could be on missions this year!!  One on his way home from his mission.

...My Family...
Me and my BROTHER taking MISSION PREP together

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The best Christmas present I could ever receive

This video is my sister and I opening our mission calls just a few days before Christmas! This was also the day after I got my wisdom teeth out haha. I love my family SO much. They are my world. I look forward to the journey I will soon have :)

Friday, February 01, 2013

Serving a mission

     Ever since I was a young woman I always wanted to serve a mission. I felt it was something I needed to do, but I thought I had a few years still ahead of me before I would do so. When the age changed in October last year, men being able to serve at 18 and women being able to serve at 19, I knew it was my time to accomplish our Lord's work. I filled out my papers in 2 weeks, and a week and a half later I received my call! Washington Kennewick, Spanish speaking, February 27, 2013. The unique blessing this age change brought to my family was that my older sister Ashley (who is only 18 months older) was able to submit her papers the same day, receive her call the same day, and also report the same day as me! 

Funny thing is we never planned to both be serving at the same time, we both felt prompted that NOW is the time. We both happened to start filling out our papers without each other knowing, until we both had made an appointment with our bishop, and then our mom blurted it out to each of us ;) haha But when we had to go to the dentist... Man that was stressful! There were no openings available for a few weeks, let alone an appointment for 2 people... But some how things were made possible. I had my cavities fixed and was ready to meet with the stake president. My poor sister still didn't have an appointment for the dentist and we didn't know if she had any cavities! I was still going to submit my papers either way, I couldn't wait any longer... Well funny enough, 2 days before my visit with the stake president my sister was able to go to the dentist, and in some magical way she had NO cavities! THIS was a miracle!! And this made the whole process of (not intentionally) submitting our papers together possible. 

WELL... That's right... TWO actual sisters, no not twins, sisters, will be serving at the same time! This was a blessing in disguise because my sister and I are inseparable. The next unique blessing is that my younger brother Austin will be able to serve his mission this year in October... OH MY GOSH!!! 3 siblings out at one time?? YES it is possible :) and then my other brother Garrett will be serving once my sister and I return home. And then once the 5 years of all 4 of us siblings having served is over, it will be our youngest brothers turn, Blake. THESE little things are blessings that will effect my life forever. 

     If you ever feel a little twinkling in your heart when you hear the word "mission" or "missionary" then the Lord is hinting for you to serve a mission! No not everyone needs to serve, and no one is looked down upon for not serving, but if you have a desire to serve a mission then our Lord will make it possible. If you are unsure about serving, then pray, fast, read your scriptures, attend the temple, and listen for an answer. May it be little or big, you will receive an answer. Serving a mission has been on my mind for a few years. Now actually having my call and looking back I can see all the little answers that were given to me. Our Lord will never turn down a worthy and able young man or woman. Prepare now, your day is soon to come, and in a case like mine(and many others) it will come sooner than you think :)

     I look forward to entering the MTC in 26 short days, and seeing all the amazing boys and girls who attended the call. THIS is truly a rare and marvelous generation. Good luck to those who are serving or waiting to serve a mission. I feel this is not a sacrifice, rather a blessing, taking the next step to teach others and ourselves that we can live in the Celestial Kingdom with our family one day!

-Kelsey Jaeger