*Mission Highlights

**June 5, 2013 "Deseret News"
click on link >>>    http://www.deseretnews.com/top/1544/0/14-videos-of-high-school-graduates-opening-LDS-mission-calls.html

Both sisters were in the Deseret news!!! Front page with an article from the prophet.  They had the Mission Call opening video link also! They were the top 14 favorite mission videos on You Tube. 

Kelsey (18) on left and Ashley (20) on right

**April 7, 2013 Video "A mighty band of youth" ksl.com

Like 10,000 legions marching, from the words of a Latter-day Saint hymn to the halls of the missionary training center, a new generation is rising to accept the call to serve a mission....

There is Hermana Kelsey Jaeger on bottom left practicing in the MTC

**February 27, 2013 "My sister & I entered the MTC together"
Hermana Ashley Jaeger (20) & Hermana Kelsey Jaeger (19) BOTH Spanish Speaking

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