Friday, April 05, 2013

Week 5 MTC "Patience is composure under pressure"

This week has flown by SO fast! Probably the fastest week yet! I got a postcard from Grandma and Grandpa Jaeger that they are enjoying a nice break in beautiful Hawaii... I wish I was there! haha And a package from the Grandpa and Grandma B!!  And I got an easter package from the family :)

Well the spanish comes and goes when I need it. I wrote a whole page in spanish, but obviously the only spanish I know are gospel related things! hahaha This gospel is amazing. I know the field will be tough and it will go by fast, but I honestly am super excited to be serving a mission.. Tuesday is the big day!!! 
Me and Sister M on Easter Sunday... we met online before entering the MTC.  We were in the same District/roommates.  

Easter sunday... was so unique to experience in the MTC. I sang in the choir, it was sooo beautiful! Over 3,000 of us missionaries took the sacrament. It is beyond words to express how the spirit was in that room... I could feel the Savior smiling down on all of us in that exact moment. Bishop Gerald Causse in the presiding bishopbric spoke to us: "repent every day. Repentance is a good thing. As you experience Christ's atonment in your life, you will desire to share that message with others." We then had testimony meeting with our zone. It technically was our last sunday(because this sunday is general conference). I bore my testimony about revelation from reading Doctrine and Covanents 18: 14-17. Sunday devotional was awesome! 
Some of the Zone/District hermanas
Sheri Dew spoke: "you enlisted as a full time servant in the Batalion. We are all influenced by what/who is around us. The father will help and save us. We cannot do it alone. Christ atoned for our pain in EVERY way. He knows/understands everything! Successfull missioanry= love the Lord more today than you did yesterday. Be fearless to build up zion! We were saved for this day; to welcome back Christ, our Savior"! 

Monday was officially April 1st! (i count that as 16 months till I return home hahaha) I recieved another package from mom :) I love you mom! It was a beautiful day, it rained(my favorite!) Hermana G and I taught one of our "investigators" about La Palabra de Sabiduria(The Word of Wisdom). We talked during a whole class time about The Plan of Salvation! WOW The Lord loves us so much. He gave us a life with agency, and also gave us his son, that only through him we can be cleansed and return to live with thee! I am so blessed to be serving a mission at the age of 19. "Patience is composure under pressure."
Friends from Home Sister M (Portugal) & Elder S

Tuesday my district got to usher at the devotional. The devotional was about Enduring to the end.
I had such a strong spirit comforting me, picturing my family kneeling around the bed and praying to The Lord, and praying for me :) "lessons learned on a mission will help us endure to the end. If you endure/enjoy to the end of your mission, you will be prepared to endure/enjoy to the end of your life. WE accomplish HIS most impoartant work before we creat his most important plan- a family. 

Wednesday new missionaries came in!!! I got to host 5 new sisters... One of which freaked out and laughed when she realized she watched my video on youtube! AH I felt famous for a short second!! I also saw a few familiar faces this week from T! 
Brother R taught us Spanish ~ Hermano C "my 1st investigator"!!

We had Brother R teach us a way to remember how to conjugate to subjunctive "Take it to the yo, drop the o, and add the opposite ending!" hahaha of course I will remember that. 

Yesterday, Thrusday was a long 9 hour day of In-Field orentation. we learned how it will be like in the field! We watched a short clip of the talk President Gordon B. Hinkley gave about the hand cart company traveling, and the 3 18 year old boys who helped carry people across the stream... I cried a little because I thought of my family. My mom and brothers are(or were) at trek this week and it made me think of them! 

It was also our last class last night with Hermano C.. Best teacher EVER!  This was our last picture with our 1st District! 
Today is PDAY! had a beautiful day at the temple, it rained but now it is beautiful outside! Time to go eat some pizza! I GET TO CALL HOME ON TUESDAY WHILE AT THE AIRPORT!!! I AM SO EXCITED :)))))) The next email you will all hear from, I will be in the field! Here goes nothing! Love you all :)
 Some questions that I read in Preach My Gospel about returning home from serving a mission:
*What do you want to say you have done as a missionary?
*What do you want to have become?
*What difference would you want others to notice in you?  

Hasta Luego! (I think that is how you speel it? hahaha)
~  Hermana Kelsey Jaeger
President Bowen ~  He is a great man and helped me so much!
Our District with our teacher Hermano C, President Bowen and Brother and Sister Doman.
P.S. Keep an eye out tomorrow! In between the two satruday sessions of conference I am in the MTC choir! They will be showing us singing a special song(they recorded it two weeks ago, so it's not live :/) But enjoy conference!

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