Monday, October 21, 2013

Just one week? That felt like a year!

Hola mi familia y amigos! WOW what a crazy week!
8 months this week!!!!!!!!
Lots of things happened both in the Spanish and English world!

un milagro de un hombre ingles: we were walking on the street back to our car, i noticed a guy sitting on the bench at the bus stop. so i said lets take the crosswalk and talk to this guy.. so we did, at first it was awkward, but after a couple minutes we hit it off well.. His name is B.., he has had a rough life recently. he was so open and honest about the bad decisions he has made in his life that have lead him recently to changing and searching for a church... (hmm what a coincidence!) I talked with him about the church, he read a little bit of the book of Mormon before!!! awesome :) even though B.. doesn't speak Spanish we gave him our number and gave him times of church services.... we didn't think anything would happen. he texted us Sunday morning 30 mintues before the english ward started and said he is on his was to church. we freaked out and called the english elders right away to tell them about him!! we rushed to church since we have correlation at 11 with our ward mission leader.. the elders found B and brought him inside the chapel.... after sacrament we saw B.. and he looked so happy, we then realized this Sunday was the primary program. BAHAHAAH!!!! well B.. texted us this morning and said he loved church :) we pray and hope he comes again! even though we cant teach him because he is english, we are all working for the same team, the Lords team!...... after this experiences i realized that "WOW, if we didn't take the cross walk to go and talk to him, he never would have known about the church so soon!" ah what a miracle <3
un milagro de una mujer espanol: missionaries have been working with a wonderful family!! love them so much. A.. has been taught so many things and we don't know why she isn't baptized! she has only been to church once with the other missionaries... we talked and Hermana K.. that was with us said some amazing things that A.. needed to hear... :) Miracle... A.. CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! finally after some hard work, faith, and patience we got her to church.. it was literally a miracle i was so shocked..  and sacrament was perfect! they talked about temples and A.. sat by Hermana k.. and after sacrament she said they are going to see the temple and visitors center this week.. WHAT!!!!! i am so shocked :D it was so exciting, i couldn't stop smiling all day at church.
 La familia G :)
un milagro yo no puedo explicar!!!: There is an amazing member here Sister T.., i think i talked about her before.. she is an amazing member missionary. I love her oh so much! We were with her one night to visit her neighbor, but they weren't home... she was hungry and asked if she could grab a bite to eat... i thought sure why not. so we drove with her and she said "here hand me a book of mormon!" we pull up to the window for her to pay and she straight up asks the girl working if she goes to church! i thought WOW how will she give her a book of Mormon in a couple of seconds? but she did it and got a Book of Mormon in her hands!!! so cool :) we then drove away and there was a guy walking on the sidewalk and sister t.. called him over and asked if he had heard of the Book of Mormon.. then she got one into his hands too... 2 books of Mormon in about 5 minutes, i was amazed!!! Sister T.. is amazing, i asked her how she is so brave to do that! she said, and i will never forget it, "Well what's the worst that could happen.. they shoot me? then i'll just go to the Celestial kingdom!" HAHAHAAHA great words of advice :) She give us the best advice and she is an amazing example! She always says "there is only 2 ways you can be, happy or miserable"... and of course i want to be happy!  no matter what we go through or what happens, we can choose what to be!

Well yes it again has been a rough week and defiantly a huge trial of my small faith. I am sad to miss my brother's farewell and departure for Chile, but i love him so much and wish him the best of luck. Chile will love him dearly! This work is not easy, but it is amazing.
Alma 26: 27-31 (my mission life!)
A la bora! learn it. live it. love it.
Cuidase mi familia <3

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