Monday, October 07, 2013

This week, WOW! (I don't have Google, so I patiently wait for an answer from God)

well we ended this week with finding 8 new investigators... SOOOO much to email in so little time! So ill try to break it down...

We meet some crazy... confused... people here who try to break down my testimony of this gospel. they try to confuse me with their belief..  I have heard many questions relating to the authority of God, who is God, what happens to us after this life, and things about the book of Mormon.. I never have an answer right away, only a simple testimony.. but as i ponder and study these things i hear, i receive answers one after another of why i am here, why i believe this gospel and what my purpose is as a person in this chaotic world... It is hard to express the thoughts i have and things i see, but i do have a strong witness that we have weaknesses and trials ONLY to build us up to something better! We need not to fear because we have to Lords true gospel in our hands!
La verdad!!!
Well Wednesday was transfer day which means everyone in the mission normally has a slow day getting situated. but since my comp and i were staying together we new we needed to work extra hard! after a long and amazing day, we found 6 new investigators!!! 4 of which are an amazing family found by a member!! Oh this is the most adorable family! and they are all baptism age, WOO HOO! We of course taught them the restoration and gave them a book of Mormon, we emphasized Christ coming to America and that they could read his words, they became so excited and curious to know what Christ said!! They responded "wow, I never knew this book existed... I can't wait to read!" Ah this is an 
amazing and prepared family :)

Thursday i met a very humble man.. his name was R.. He appeared intimidating, but never judge someone by what you see! we approached him and hew as so respectful and interested in what we had to share.. after an amazing conversation about the gospel of Jesus Christ he began to tell us the hard life he has... i have never had so much respect for someone before. he is supporting his family and moving back home to help his dad, .... R.. has such a strong spirit. I testified to him that God loves him and will help him! We gave him a book of Mormon and said a powerful prayer with him. The spirit was so strong, i knew the spirit testified to him! I hope that one day he will red the book of Mormon and remember what he felt that day we talked with him and that he will have a desire to make covenants with God :)

We also had an amazing OYM with two sweet hispanic ladies on the street.. they were not interested at first, but after asking them questions about their beliefs they created the desire to hear what we share... only 1 wanted us to come back over, but we were able to leave them both with a Book of Mormon... I feel it is so important to leave everyone with a Book of Mormon, one day they will pick up the book and read!! I love the feeling when people ask us if we have something they can read!! It makes me so excited to share about the word of God and give them the opportunity to read and see for themselves :)

Friday my companion and I had an amazing lesson with B.., she prayed about baptism but still feels like she hasn't received an answer, or that her answer is the dream her husband had about going back to their previous church... after a very powerful and spirit directed lesson we asked if she had been reading the Book of Mormon.. said said no.. then we knew why she had not received an answer!! we promised that God will give her an answer if she puts in the effort! we read with her about Christ in America and Moroni's promise and she committed to read the rest and to pray :) I hope and pray she does these things, because I KNOW she will find these things true :) She loves us coming over and teaching her.. she expressed the love she has for us and for the branch!

Friday night my companion had an amazing idea.... we read King Benjamins address to his people, we read in The Book of Mormon Mosiah chapters 2-6... WE spiritually prepared ourselves to be intune with the spirit for conference the next 2 days.... WOW it truly was amazing how much more i received and retained from this conference than from any other conference... i loved it!
Saturday was a day filled with the spirit. we listened to conference and also taught 3 amazing lessons! That day was a day of miracles. Saturday morning we had an amazing breakfast with the Pedro family from the branch, they cooked some amazing food! I felt loved and close to feeling the love of a family :)
La familia P..., we had breakfast with them saturday before conference :)
Sunday morning was my favorite session of conference i have EVER listened too! I knew that before the Prophet even said that haha. It was so filled and directed by the spirit!

well Sunday night our appointment fell through, so we started walking around... we found a guy who appeared to be white cleaning his car... listening to spanish music!! hahaha i couldn't tell if he spoke spanish or if he just liked the music.. after talking and getting to know him he for some reason reminded me of my dad :) he spends all his time working in construction to send money to his family in Mexico. he is from Ca and is planning to move back soon. He grew up a Jehovah's Wittiness's but is interested in what we have to share! as I walked away all I could think about was my father... And how much I would want him to have the gospel if he didn't already have it. I feel an instant connection to my investigators here and want them to have what me and my family have! I am so excited to teach him and share my testimony with him. i hope something happens with him, i know we met him for a reason!

Passed by the church for an appointment and saw the Hermanas
from the R... practicing a dance!!
Another miracle happened during the last hour on Sunday night... we received a referral from the Elders to visit a lady named E.. We decided for some reason to visit her at 8pm last night.. there was a reason we did! She opened the door and saw our badges. she let us in RIGHT away :) she is so humble and so close to the spirit.. She talked with us, telling us her life story for an hour... all in Spanish! I knew that she simply needed someone to talk to, someone to express her feelings too, even though i could not understand everything. One thing i love to do is to patiently sit and listen to people, so i knew(again) that there was a reason we met E.. at that exact moment... She has been through a very rough life. We shared a simple scripture and she loved it so much. She is so intune with feeling  the spirit! We asked her if she would want to be with her kids for eternity, and she began to cry and said yes, of course! I testified of families and this gospel. she is interested to have us back over! i hope all goes well with her, she is so prepared!!!

As i conclude my VERY long email this week i want you to all know how much i love you! I love my mission! i love the savior!!! conference was amazing, we watched it at the church with about 20 other missionaries haha. I felt the spirit and love of my family as we sang called to serve! I thought of my sister in Texas and my brother who will soon be off to Chile! and as the choir sang Abide with me'tis even tide, i again thought of my family and how soon i will be reunited with them :) almost half way done with my mission i know the time will soon come when i can hug and love everyone again!!! I know God was speaking so clearly to us all this conference, with one of the last talks given by Elder Russell M. Nelson I would blink and i would see the face of Christ... I felt as if Christ was speaking directly to each one of us individually! i imagined Heavenly Father talking of his beloved son Jesus Christ and preparing him to teach the world... I felt as if the whole general conference was spoken by the savior :) it was a neat experience i cant explain!  The topics of the strength of women, the authority of the priesthood, and usage of our bodies and the family all touched my heart! and many other things which meant to much to me. i love this gospel! it isn't easy to live and understand, but it defiantly isn't impossible!!

one amazing experience I had this morning was an answer to one of my questions(and since i don't have google or access to explore, i had to patiently wait for an answer from God). I have been asked so many times why my tag says "saints"... I pondered this for many weeks.... and said to say i didn't really know why, i knew there was a reason but i didn't have an answer.. until today!! the word "saint" in the Bible Dictionary is: those who have entered into the Christian covenant by baptism.... and then I received the answer that "latter-day saints"  -those who have entered into the New and EVER LASTING covenant by baptism(and many other ordinances). I know this is the true church! :) i love it so much!!
a la obra!
con amor,
Hermana Jaeger

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