Monday, September 30, 2013

RAINY days are the BEST DAYS!

Talked to a lady about who we are with this little frog in my hand, hiding it, just so i could take a picture with it!!!!  hahaha

ash and mom: i am assembling a tiny little box to send home with some yummy russian candy and some other little things! Ash: President and Sister Anderson(who are in the WVM presidency) will be in Houston this week, maybe you will see them? MOM: I met an adorable mother the other day at the relief society broadcast, her daughter has been out a year, serving in the Santiago north mission! Her name is Hermana S from Vancouver, WA. The mom cried when i told her my brother is going Chile!!!  :) ALSO President and Sister Alder who are here in the branch with us are going to be the temple president in Santiago for 3 years starting next month!! WHAT!!! And i believe recently he was the mission president for santiago norht mission.. so cool! they are amazing people if austin ever meets them :)
Pic from a member they serve with.
Kelsey and her Companion with President Taylor

Well this past week was amazing! We had so much success finding new people, we alreay have 14 scheduled lessons this week! WOOP WOOP thats so exciting :) they are all amazing spanish families :) I have grown to love the spanish culture oh so much! They really do give all that they have.... i eat like 2 plates full of food every night, and break the fast yesterday was AMAZING! haha they are humble people and always give their time to The Lord and to help us with his work :) Well i am doing horrible with keeping my journal up to date.... So i will try to type things from memory!

Well good news... Transfers are wednesday and I am staying here in Vancouver to finish training Hermana McKinlay! woot woot! She is an awesome missionary.
A little bit of the sunset here in Vancouver WA
 It is so hard for missionaries to put themselves in the shoes of their investigators and to think "okay, if i were them, and these are my questions, what would i want to hear? or what applies to me?" Once a missioanry can do THAT then, they will be an amazing missionary and will bring much success! As i continue to study and pray i recieve dirrection to help my investigators with their concerns.

So this week we had an amazing lesson with B who is getting ready(hopefully) to be baptized soon!) she promised to pray about baptism in this church :) she has so much faith and believes in so many of the things we teach! hopefully tomorrow we will put her on date for baptism.

since it is the end of the month and we are very low on miles we have been doing a ton of walking, and this is the worst the rain has been hahaha. windy and rainy, hermana and I both feel like real vancouver missionaries now! we got to watch the general relief society broadcast, it was very interesting they all talked about convanents, everyone! even the prophet! I am super excited for conference this weekend! We are planning to watch it at the church and hopefully get investigators to come with us :) but hopefully i dont have to listen to it in spanish hahaha. Well before the broadcast we had about 2 hours, so we decided to walk and go tracting... surprisingly we havent very much tracting in 6 weeks here, we dont need to :) So tracting in the rain i thought was going to be crazy.. it was but we met some amazing people! in those 2 hours we ahd 2 lessons, a new investigator, 2 return appointments and we talked with a ton of very nice jehova wittnesses, and one said its okay to come back. WHAT crazy i know! the Lord has blessed me and helped me so much with my spanish.. 7 months and i feel i have progressed so much, still not fluent, never will be, but im confortable with spanish :) 

The rain is here and it pours all day :)

I love Vancouver and the people! Within this week of tracting and talking to everyone i have noticed how much people truly need this gospel, whether they know it or not.. we met so many people this week who are struggling with life or family. Every time I think of the Savior and how much he is waiting and hoping for these people and us to accept him. I just imagine when we talk to people that the Savior is standing right beside us, teaching and testifying.. Pleading to these people to repent and come unto him... and when people deny or say now is not a good time, i picture the savior putting his head down and quietly saying he still loves them.. NOW is the time for men to prepare to meet God. NOW is when everyone needs to accept him..

haha I have never seen a sign
like this before.  It's sad it's
so specific :/

We are teaching a many, F, he knows so much about the bible and the catholic church.. he always asks us amazing questions. i create the desire to go home and study and pray for guidance. I have been spending a lot fo time reading and studying in Matthew... WOW The Savior loves us so much. even back then you can feel of the love he has for everyone. I definatly see how the bible and book of mormon go together perfectly.. today i figure out perfect scriptrues that go together...It was Matthew 18:18 and Helaman 10:7 
and Matthew 18:16 and 2 Nephi 29:8 (I especially love these two because it testifies not only of how we preach, 2 by 2, but rather of the 2 nations, the 2 books Bible and Book of Mormon.
I love this gospel and I love my mission!!! Have an amazing week all :) i cant wait to tell you next week how the week goes :)

p.s. walking in the rain, EVERY member sees us and asks what we are doing.. We respond, 
"We are doing the Lords work, a little water wont stop his work!"
hasta luego :)

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