Monday, September 16, 2013

Amazing Week! ~ "AH HA" Missionary Moment

MMMMM yummy, 6 months and i finally got me some Chipotle!! YUM! with my missionary stomach i ate the Whole thing clean!
AHHHHH this week was AWESOME!! I finally had my missionary "ah ha" moment where it just clicked of why i am a missionary and why i am here. I love this gospel! I love being a missionary, it is the scariest thing ever!! Its worse than door to door sales, why? because you aren't selling anything, you are giving something FREE that you know EVERYONE needs... and when people don't accept it you cry because you know that THIS gospel is the only way anyone can return to live in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I see and experience many miracles that i can't keep track!

One amazing miracle this week was finding a less-active/part member family... it was Tuesday night around 8:20 and we had nothing, so we thought we should go and knock these 5 apartment doors that i have bee thinking about for the past couple days.. The first door we didn't even need to knock because it was open! There was an adorable Spanish family sitting on the couch watching TV, at first we felt intruding, but the mom quickly got up to come talk to us... After we told her who we were she had said she is a member of our church... but she hasn't gone to church for almost 20 years! WOW what a miracle that we found her, and she knows it! she wanted us to come and share a message with her and her family, so she told us a day and time on Thursday.. We had the appointment on Thursday and she was so cute, she got baptized in Tijuana. She wants to come to church, but its hard because she is a 24 hour care giver on Sundays :/ we told her to pray and ask your father in heaven to help you come to church, and we promised her that he would help her if she has the desire to go! she was so nice and happy to see us, she asked us to come back over again :) sadly she couldn't make it to church :/ but we are going to ask her this week if she would like us to come and teach her and her kids once a week!

Tuesday we also had an AMAZING zone conference!!! Ah it was all perfect :)
Las Hermanas, Hermana S, Hermana P, Hermana M, Hermana Jaeger in front of the amazing beautiful Library we Email from!
MIRACLE NUMBER TWO, the family i talked about last week, with the referral for T (who moved) well we have been teaching the dad R and the daughter M he pretty much was begging to read the book of Mormon and to find the truth and to come to church!! he and his little girl said about 5 times that they want to come to church!!! So Sunday morning before church we stopped by and they said "we are going to shower and then we will come to church!" they were so excited and happy :) well we waited all 3 hours of church and they never showed up :/ or they did but left.. we have no idea but we will find out why when we visit them this week!

MIRACLE NUMBER THREE, We found an adorable little family that moved here about 4 weeks ago, i mentioned them last week.. B. Well we visited her for our appointment on Thursday and she wasn't home.. we were so sad! so we left a note, and walked around the trailer park for 10 minutes (there was obviously a reason Heavenly Father did that because we found a man named J and gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him!!).. we were about to leave but  felt prompted to go back and try one more time.. We did, and we found her home!!! she was soo excited to see us, she said she has been thinking about us and waiting for us!!!! we had to go to dinner but we set us to visit her right after dinner... so we ate, and came back. she was so cute and excited, she had her book of Mormon, and she read a little bit! She knows it applies to her because she loved the first few chapters talking about faith and the story of Lehi's family and Nephi. we taught her the Restoration and she understood most of it! She told us ever since she met us she has felt peace and tranquility in her life :) She said she really wants to come to church, but might be out of town this weekend :/ Well Saturday night we called her... she said she could come!!!! AHHHH I started crying!!!! we quickly set up a ride for her to come to church, and her and her 3 kids came to church!!!!! They stayed all 3 hours and loved it. B was agreeing and understanding the classes :) AHH it was an amazing Sunday :) 

MIRACLE NUMBER FOUR, Saturday night around 8:00 we were out walking around and found a family of 7 outside, we talked with them and asked if we could come by again. Even though they are catholic we aren't giving up!! We walked the corner and met an adorable couple and a friend! the friend M immediately started talking to us said "hey are you churchins? do you have something i can read?" we gave him a Book of Mormon and then he asked "awesome thank you so much!! I need to go to church tomorrow, when and where is it?" we gave him all the info and then Immediately called the english elders and told them!! we hope and prayed that M went to church!
Practicing some soccer last night in our appartment before bed. hahah i love these girls!
Well It was an amazing week filled with SOO many miracles!!!! all we have to do is pray for the opportunities and Heavenly Father will give them, but THEN we must talk to everyone!!!
love you all so much. The work is AMAZING! <3 I cried Saturday night and Sunday morning because of all the little miracles I was able to be apart of this week!
cuidase!  ~  Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

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