Monday, September 09, 2013

WOW The Week Went By Fast ~ I'm gonna pop some TAGS!

Ash we have been out 198 days!!... but whose counting? hahaha LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!  I am roommates with B M family friend, companions to A M cousin, B D cousin is serving in the same stake as me and A cousin serves in my stake also in the English zone (we play soccer on pdays). All from back home.  Small world!

hahaha we were in a trailer park about to go visit people, and out of nowhere these pony's and an alpaca came up to us! BAH it scared us!!
Well this week was amazing, we had some progress with investigators that have been being taught for a couple months. First off, we have someone on date for baptism on October 5th. WOOHOO! she is awesome and totally understands why she wants to be baptized! We invited her to stake conference and she said she wants to go! too bad her ride fell through Saturday night :/ but she wants to come to church! Well i want to share some little miracles happening here in Vancouver for my companion and I :)
Wednesday we were out around 2:00pm visiting some old teaching record in the area book... not many people were home :/ as we were about to walk by a trailer i felt prompted we should go knock this door... we knocked once, no answer, the second time she answered! it was a young mom home with her baby.... after a couple minutes at the door she let us in to share a message. For some reason this visit felt super different... we just talked to this woman B and got to know her and understand her and her family... she just moved here 3 weeks ago, she doesn't know anyone, and she doesn't know where to go to church... Her husband is okay with his wife going to church with the kids... We talked about faith with her and prayer... This woman has so little but so much faith! She is AMAZING! We read out of the Book of Mormon with her. She told us she actually went to the LDS church twice before and she talked to her friend(who is Mormon) a little bit about the church! We invited her to church for THIS Sunday and she said she will come, and she wants to hear more! AHHH we are so excited to teach her :)

This same day my companion felt prompted to go back to a door we knocked on last week. This home is a Jehovah Wittiness home... My comp said "i may sound crazy but just follow and trust me" i said "ok! we go two by two." so she approached the door and testified to the lady about the book of Mormon! my comp said "I'm not here to argue with you, I am simply here to share my testimony about the Book of Mormon with you because i forgot to last week...." AHH My companion is so brave and strong!! We work so well together, we teach and testify so strong!
Gorgeous sunset every night here in Vancouver
Another cool story. We received a referral on Friday after dinner... It was to visit T. So we visited the address but Tanya had just moved back to El Salvador... Aww man :/ well we decided to start talking to the men outside... after a couple minutes they opened up about questions they had! after a LONG conversation the man R and his daughter M invited us back over! So sunday night we visited them... They were amazing! we taught about sacrament and Joseph Smith.. mostly answering questions they had.. then awe found out that R had gone to the LDS church like 3 times before AND he has a book of Mormon in his garage!!! he said "i was always confused what that book was.. and now i realize maybe i should just read it." Hermana and I looked at each other, smiled and both testified of the book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. The spirit was SO strong! M loved the visit and R did too! we asked if we could come over to share more and they both said yes, with a big smile!!! We invited both of them to start reading the book of Mormon and told them that we would talk more about the amazing scriptures in it :) We are so excited to go back over and bring a member and get him and the family to church!
Yep..... I found this within 5 mintues at a thrift store... SCORE!!!! 

Everything here is amazing, i Love teaching to people and talk so openly to people about what I believe. It makes me grow more and more each day by hearing the good and the bad. because when I start to question something I read my scriptures and pray to heavenly Father and eventually always fine an answer :)
One amazing thing I have learned on my Mission by teaching other people is to put myself in their shoes, teach them what they really need to hear.. and when i invite investigators to do something, i need to do the same.

I have really felt the gift of tongues so strong!!! I can have a conversation with people, understand(most of the time) but i am working on responding to them.. Its amazing how much the Lord has allowed me to learn in such a short amount of time. I love my Savior and i love my family. I am so thankful for all the blessings I receive as a Missionary. I love you all so much.
Amazing Russian Candy!!!
Cuidase!  Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

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