Monday, September 23, 2013

I LOVE being a Missionary ~ Whoop

Vancouver Washington Mission!
Woop Woop! what the heck, 7 months this week. Whaaaat! I love the mission!!! We had some amazing tender mercies this week, the branch here is amazing! The rain is amazing as well. gah one thing i have always struggled with is spelling.... and now that i am continuing to focus on learning spanish, it doesnt help my English! i cant speak or spell very well in english bahahahah so so sad! but at the same time i love spanish, it is so much easier to say things in spanish! i am still not fluent yet, but i am some what comfortable. well here are some miracles and tender mercies this week:

Tuesday the elders had set up a lesson for us with a young mother, G, they had met a couple days ago.. they told us to come with them, and they brought a member from the branch. We showed up, knocked the door, and nothing... so we decided to try two other doors... nothing. the elders felt so bad, especially since a member was with us! so us hermanas had a prompting to go and knock the door of G again. We did, and she answered! She is very young, like about my age and has a kid. at first nothing was happening at the door. But some how Hermana R (the member from the ward) was able to get us in the door! Ahh it was so perfect! first time for us meeting this girl and the first lesson.. her and Hermana R connected so well! We shared a scripture with her Alma 7:15... she loved it and felt the spirit.. THEN we invited her to be baptized, she said yes! so we put her on date :) WOOP WOOP! it was such a powerful lesson with her!

Rain here is so refreshing. I can
tell Heavenly Father sure loves
me! Nice little reminder left on the ground ;)
Wednesday around 2:30 we went to visit 2 potential families that the hermanan before us left for us to try... so we went to the building and knocked on door .. we were expecting a spanish speaking family, but rather we found a family that knew little english from Micronesia.. WHAT!! long story short, the dad was baptized in Micronesia with his family when he was about 11.. so crazy! its sad to say that he is active in another church though :/ but his son asked us to come over again to share a message with him. so we hope something happens! well after that we tried door #, again expecting to find a spanish speaking family... but an old man opens the door.. knowing little english lets us in right away! He cleans off the couch and tells us to sit, he gets his 2 cousins/brothers and tells them to come in! haha this family was from the pacific islands by Guam.. what!! wow crazy!! We talked with them a little bit, one of the guys J (who laughed becuase he has a hispanic name but is not hispanic) has heard of the church before.. he works on a boat half of the year and work with a guy from Utah who is LDS.. J said he remembers watching his friend read a "book" every night and pray all the time.. he finally asked him about the church, his friend talked to him just a little bit. Well we gave J a book of mormon, read a little with him and prayed with him.. he got so interested in the Book he said he will take it on the boat with him!! And he will talk to his friend from utah! wow, little miracle there :) Lesson learned for EVERY member of the church, ALWAYS be a good example becuase SOMEONE is watching, and hey you could change their life without even knowing it :)

Thursday we had a little miracle of finding the home of a woman that Sister T and sister A (wives of the mission presidency) talked to one morning.. there was an appointment set up at the church with this woman but she never showed up :/ and we didnt have an address or phone number, just a street to tract till we found her. well we did that, and with the help of the spirit we found her!! she was so cute and friendly! we hope to begin teaching her soon :) Thursday night we had the amazing opportunity to talk to so many people about the church. It makes my day when people ask who we are or what we are doing.. it creates such an amazing way to talk to them!

friday, satruday, and sunday were great days too! I didnt write in my journal what happened those days, and i dont ahve time to email what happened. haha but the work still continues!
The inside of the legit library we email from. haha
Well we have on amazing investigator B that said she wants to watch general conference with us! woop woop :) so excited about that! she is AMAZING, she is not on date for baptism but we plan on that changing very soon ;)

I KNOW i am called of God through a living prophet.. I KNOW i was called to speak spanish, even though i am in America and i dont speak it perfectly... its so difficult when people complain to me or judge me because my spanish isnt perfect. its difficult to learn something while you are teaching yourself and speaking it that day!! I know that those who want to hear of this gospel in spanish are out there and waiting.. whether i speak it perfect or not i know they are waiting :) I just need to find them! Being a missionary has taught me to have so much patience and trust... in my self, in The Lord, and in my companion. I love having success and feeling success as a missionary. I pray and hope for many miracles this week, but i have to go find them.. Love you all so much, thank you for everything! BYE!

HAHAHA crazy one again, walked into an 
antique store and the first thing i found was this.. 
WHAT! "JAEGER" is everywhere!

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