Monday, November 25, 2013

Feliz dia del pavo

Happy day of the turkey everyone :) haha or in English, Happy Thanksgiving!! This week is a great week to take a little time to remember then blessing we have in our life! 
hmm.... well, i just had to take this picture for my future kids when one day they say "wow mom, you werent able to use facebook on your mission?"  Capture the moment.
It was interesting what i heard from someone last night... We were knocking doors last night to reach our goal of talking to 70 new people this week(and the first time ever on my mission we accomplished it!!) 1 man we talked to last night expressed his gratitude for the things that he has in his life, especially the savior. he said to us "i am grateful for so many other things, i could talk to you all day about what i am grateful for!" WE truly are a blessed generation to have so many things in our life today! As this week is here me and thousands of other missionaries will being using Facebook as a daily thing.. no not to get distracted about things at home, but to help those at home and those where we are serving. I am super excited to be apart of all these crazy changes!!!!! This is an amazing time.... Just as The Lord promised in Doctrine and Covenants 88:73 "Behold I will hasten my work in its time." That time is now. It is a blessing to be here on the earth, we all agreed to come down at this time to help our brothers and sister, to lift and strengthen each other! Another commandment that was given in Doctrine and Covenants 88: 77 "and I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom." I don't think we realize all these other commandments that God has revealed to us through the restoration of the gospel! ahh the scriptures are so true!!!! I can never read enough of them! We must teach our friends, family, neighbors, strangers, everyone! they must know about this gospel and what they can have!
aww my wonderful family sent me a box of
"Christmas junk." hahaha i love it all!
i already decorated!
Well the time is quickly passing here and i cant pause it :/ I am so grateful to be here, I actually enjoy being busy for 16 hours of the day, every day, being out in the cold freezing, but being filled inside with the spirit :) I love talking to people about Jesus Christ, our Savior!! I love expressing my love and gratitude for him! even when people don't accept our message of the TRUE restored gospel at least we can all agree about the Savior.  

well we have had some great miracles this week :) since my companion is a sister training leader and she has to go on exchanges with other sisters a lot, i get to do it with her :) so this week i got to be with my old companion Hermana V in her new area!!! it was so great and fun :) i also brought out an english sister with me to my spanish area. we talked with 24 new people that day and taught 4 lessons! my brain was so full i felt like my head was about to fall off! it was an amazing week here in Vancouver Washington :)
My little living space!
Les amamo muchisimo! que tengan un feliz semana. Toman este tiempo el jueves para recordar de sus bendicones!  (dont judge my spanish, i cant spell or speak perfectly! haha poco a poco :) - Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

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