Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Half Way/Hump Day!!!!!!!

I will be coming home in July!  So I'm half way!  Happy "Hump" day! Yes, I look worried.
Spanish District at Super Taco.  We pretty much eat here every week!
I love Mexican food!
Little time to email, ahh! well transfers are this week, I am going to be companions with Hermana R who came out 3 months before me. we will still be in the V branch but we will double in and cover a different area! so I will be teaching new people :)

well, we taught some great lessons this week and had some cool experiences... well duh, of course. haha I just cant remember much of what happened this week. We have been teaching someone named A, and she finally decided that she is going to get married and baptized!! that's about all the exciting news.. oh yeah I forgot to mention.... This month we will start using Facebook, and in January we will be 1 of 30 missions that will start using IPads.. What what!!! yeah, we are pretty lucky :)
well we had sisters conference this week, it was great! lots of uplifting things were said, but also more pressure to be better! its tough when "our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end." with teaching people I cant ever get past "our purpose as missionaries is to..."
Sister D & Sister B her family works in the San Diego temple too
We taught some very strong religious Jehovah witnesses last night... wow, I have really bad anxiety because I was shaking and my stomach was so tight!! its not that I was afraid of them, it was that I felt so bad that their hearts are so hard and they were only trying to prove us wrong... we had to patiently sit their, listen, and when they were finished we would ask them a question and testify. it was so hard and sad! I imagine that is how the Savior felt when he was ministering to some of the people. It was a cool experience though because towards the end I realized I have such a strong testimony of this resorted gospel!! whether I can give an answer to every question someone asks me, it doesn't matter.. what matters is what I feel and that I can testify to allow the spirit to let them feel that it is real!
My reflection
Here are some cool things I have learned this week that I want to share with you all:
-whenever we are going through a tough time we need to think and ask Heavenly Father "what am I supposed to learn from this?" if you miss the learning opportunity of a trial then you will never grow!
-for all missionaries!! take this mission into your marriage, serve your mission for the future, your family :)
-The Lord saves his best missionaries to sail the uncharted waters.
-work on becoming more like the savior, no one else!
-A baptizing missionary is how you think, pray and work.. not who is in the water.
-success is not measured by how many baptisms you have, but how many lives you helped change :)
-When Satan was cast out, the war didn't end.. it was just transferred to here.
-love is what you have been through together.. a testimony is the same
-pay your tithing with faith, not with money.
-your body is a temple, clean and maintain it.. your body is a gift from God!
Hermana M & I planning ~ Thanks for the Thanksgiving Box!
Pretty much the only mail I get ... Transfer letters! j/k
it was a great week :) I love you all so much!

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