Monday, June 17, 2013

1st Baptism & I'm in the New Vancouver Washington Mission!

I love my companion Hermana V!

Well..... I am now officially in the NEW Washington Vancouver Mission! Crazy changes continue to happen here in the mission field :) My address will change as of July 1st, but i will inform you all next week what is will be :) Side note for all those new missionaries coming out... be prepared for ANYTHING!!!! 
1st Baptism :)
Well this week was amazing! after being in the field for 9 1/2 weeks, we finally had a baptism :) C. M. M! He was so prepared and so excited! Even though we dont have a spanish branch, he loves the English ward and his new "family." EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD, welcome in investigators and recent converts, they are so nervous!!!!! But they are amazing people :) they are taking a HUGE step of faith to change their life. C had never tied a tie before.. when he came to church on Sunday for his confirmation, he had on his adorable blue tie(that previous Hermana A sent to him) and he looked so happy! I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing change for him. The whole baptism program was in spanish, and his confirmation in church on sunday was in spanish too... the ward is so excited :) THIS is the start of the spanish branch! we hope haha. Many exciting changes here in the Hood! New baptsim, new mission, new language. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
Our last names are so similar
One cool thing, I got to hug President Greer and Sister Greer, since they are being released this month.. I love my "mom and dad!"
President and Sister Greer!  I am going to miss you.
V Family's adorable kitty
Well as for crazy things that have happened.... I've had some interesting conversations in spanish with many religions, mostly the Jehovah Witness... I thank them for their efforts... but I still read the Bible(the correct one) AND The Book of Mormon.. I am satisfied with my religion and my beliefs, because I KNOW with out a doubt, that THIS is the true church!! The spirit bore a powerful testimony through me, I started to cry... Many people appreciate the work and service we do, no matter if they accept it or not. The people here are so kind, they just need to open their eyes and see the truth right in front of them, at their door, in a very simple book, testified in simple words by two girls, who are trying their best in a language they have only learned for a few months. How can anyone deny this work and The Spirit? THIS is the truth that everyone is searching for!
(I LOVE this Crazy Beautiful weather here in HR OR

Well I am truly happy for C and  his choice to be baptized, he is so excited for these amazing changes for himself! It's crazy how much i have learned in almost 4 months.... the time goes by too fast. Time to find more people who are ready!!! LOVE YOU ALL! Have an AMAZING WEEK <3

con amor,
Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

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