Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Cows and Orchards everywhere!
WOOHOOO!!!!! I cant keep track of weeks, or time, or anything anymore!!!  We had pday on tuesday this week :)

So many exciting things happening with my family at home!!! Miss and love everyone!

This has been a hard week, not much luck teaching people.. mostly figuring out the people we have already found. 
This little kitty went tracting with us!
On an exciting note.. we are OFFICIALLY having a baptism this week :)))) C.M.M., I found him exactly 2 months ago... He is so beyond prepared.. AHHH beyond perfect! This guy is a golden one who has been WAITING for this gospel! WE have found more people this week, many nice people here, but are super busy working 14 hours a day in their orchards... I love this gospel. It is so important for EVERY PERSON on this earth to hear it in their language!!!!!!! 

Our tiny District in HR OR
Something else that was cool, today we went to the Portland Temple early as ever... My companion and I both received a name.. my companion received one for Susanna Bigler.. i freaked and asked if i could switch her!!!! Bigler is my mothers maiden name!! So I KNEW i needed to do her work!!! It was an amazing experience, randomly receiving a name(out of millions) and it is a direct relative. such an awesome experience! Yes, the temple was beautiful.. it looks like it belongs in Star Wars though. 
Yes, Finally Papa Murphy's .. it's been too long!
I am beyond excited for C baptism this week.. It is going to be sooo spiritual, and all in spanish ;) This weekend i will find out if i will be in the NEW Washington Vancouver mission, or staying in the Washington Kennewick Mission... stay tuned, i will let you all know :)

-Hermana Jaeger
p.s. there is no better time to be involved in missionary work than RIGHT NOW! Share this amazing gospel with everyone, because not everyone knows about it! Be involved in any kind of missionary work, because when the Savior comes, what will you have to say that you did with all the time that you had...? Keep 
working everyone :) rest when you are dead! haha 

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