Monday, June 24, 2013

My Bro's going to Chile ~ My New Mission Address ~ Disneyland

hahaha it was so funny when i got the phone call from the mission secretary. thank you so much for doing that :) it made me feel included :) i can not believe Austin is going spanish.. I KNEW IT!!! funny thing, The family i live with.. yeah, they are from Santiago Chile!!!.. haha they are SO excited for him!!! They have family there in his mission. tell austing the 4 months will go by SO fast. tell him to STUDY preach my gospel, all the lessongs in chapter 3!! AND to read the Book of mormon and have a testimony. also to find out about the religions in chile so he can teach to their needs... it rains a lot in chile, it gets pretty cold, but it is also beauitufl the family said!
Hermana Kelsey Lynn Jaeger
Washington Vancouver
 Mission2223 NW 99th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665
Best District ever!!
Hola a cada persona! este semana fue interesante. (dont judge my horrible spelling/spanish... i try!) porque mucho de la gente aqui en esta area son blind!! estan buscando por la verdad. pero no asistir la iglesia, este es muy dificil. nada gente pueden progresar sin asistiendo la iglesia o sendo bautizado. este evangelio es el camino!!! 

alright that is enough horrible spanish, haha. Well i love you all so much :) It is crazy to be in this world but not involved with the internet or television or phones... no distractions! Being a missionary is hard in many ways. people mock us in front of our face, people slam the door, people bash and argue... but worst of all is hearing someone deny that the Book of Mormon isn't true... and also meeting someone who has such a strong testimony of how important religion is, believing in almost the same things that we believe, but then saying "i have a religion, i know it is true." i want to cry every time! People are so close, but so far from the truth.. this gospel is so perfect and simple! I am blessed to be a missionary, see what hard work goes into sharing this gospel so that EVERY person can hear the truth! we had one man talk to us for a long time, and at the end when we wanted to speak and share our testimony he said "well i'm sorry ladies but i have to go, thank you for allowing me to teach you... I know that God put you on my doorstep for a reason, for me to teach you two. I am called to be a teacher. thank you for your time. bye." i thought wasn't it us missionaries that came to your door? for us to share a message with you? to share the TRUTH? I couldn't get myself down at that moment, we had to keep moving along to find the people who are ready and willing to listen, even for a few seconds! 

well some funny moments this week, we went to visit a referral way out in the middle of an orchard... it ended up not being the person we were looking for, but we found a family and a friend who are interested! we started teaching them and they were so involved! they invited us to come back again and teach more. we gave them a card with our number on it and the teenage boy look at us, smiled and said "quien numero este es?" hahahaha we said "we share a phone!" then the friend said "ustedes son married?" We laughed, looked at each other and said "NOOOO...... estamos aqui para predicar el evangelio de Jesucristo... solo!" they all smiled and said "okay ;)" 

Well this week Hermana V and I try our best to pray specifically, even before a lesson, to pray to Heavenly Father about our reason or goal for each lesson and visit with someone.. we realized by doing this our visit go perfect! praying specifically is the way to do it :)
Or cute casita that we LOVE! 
it is hard being a Spanish missionary right now in O because of all the fruit needing to be picked this summer.. cherries, pears, apples, blueberries, peaches.. many fruit! therefore we have trouble with having people coming to church. We had many people say "The Book of Mormon is true, I want to come to church, i want to hear more!! but right now i am really busy with the cherries... in 8 weeks when cherries are over I will try my best to come to church." GAHH!!!! NOW is the time to go, not in 8 weeks :/  We are doing our best as missionaries to keep teaching and finding, but not many of our investigators are progressing because they work 12-14 hours a day, all week long :/

well Hermana and I also had the opportunity to sing at a baptism for the elders, a little 9 year old girl was getting baptized :) she was so cute, and so prepared! the Bishop was speaking and shared a funny analogy:
"So when you go to Disneyland, you drive, buy a ticket, wait in line, and walk in the gate..... then what? don't you ride the rides? you cant go to Disneyland, go through ALL that, and walk in the gate and say 'okay we made it to disneyland' and then leave... that means you never really went! Baptism is the same.. you do all the things to be baptized, you NEED to endure to the end, not just walk through the gate and leave.. there is so much to do!" Well again, i have leared so much with only being a  missionary for 4 months.. i still have SO much to learn!
P-Day hiking the beautiful Colombia River

One last thing, yesterday there was an AMAZING world wide broadcast from the prophet and 12 apostles, it was originally for the new mission presidents, but then they felt inspired that the WHOLE world needed to hear it!!! If you didn't watch it, go to and watch it!!!! IT was amazing, WE ALL NEED TO BE APART OF THIS AMAZING WORK!!!! don't just stare at the work, DO IT, be apart of it! missionaries and members of the church need to work TOGETHER. we cant do it alone. knocking on doors is not as affective as working with and through the members... many changes are to come within the next year. I am so excited to be apart of all these amazing changes in the church right now to hasten the work!!!

Well it is time to go, this was a LONG email, hope you all enjoy it :) haha adios! cuidase!
I love you all so much! take care :)   -Hermana Jaeger

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