Monday, August 19, 2013

Transfers & Training again :)

Tamanawas Falls Washington/Oregon

So it is transfer week, and yes I am getting transferred.. after 4 1/2 months in beautiful Hood River Oregon and White Salmon Washington I am now getting doubled into the Vancouver Spanish Branch and I will be training another new missionary... Yes my 4th companion and my 3rd time training on my mission so far. The Lord trust me so much, I need to step it up and work harder! and WOW I hit 6 months this month.... I go home in 1 year. MY mission is the best time ever. I wish everyone could see how much I have grown and how much I have learned!

Well as my time in Hood River comes to a close, I am very sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place :/ but I will be back very soon after my mission is over!

For p-day last week we went on a super fun hike to a gorgeous waterfall that we could walk behind!(see pictures!) 
Hiking with the Z Family
Hermana S, Hermana V & me hiking.
This week has been a miracle week yet again :) Well, i have some amazing stories to share! One is about The R family... The R family is a non-member family that is friends with a member family in White Salmon, the L family (he just recently got released as bishop) all the family speaks spanish. So sister L set up a dinner with the R family and invited us over to eat and talk and share a message (this happened in June). They were an amazing family. A month passed and we never heard any more about the R family.. well on saturday 2 weeks ago Sister L came with us to go teach on investigator on date, P.. well P she wasnt home :/ so sister L had a great idea, she would take us to visit the R family and see if we could teach them.. well the R family wasnt home either, but sister L said "now you know where they live, visit them soon." so 4 days later we felt a strong prompting to visit the R family.... and BAM they were home, the wife and the husband. They had just got off work. They were so nice and excited to see us! They let us in and we talked and eventually got to teach them The Restoration and give them a Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong! well we were getting a return appointment with them and they said "why dont we have dinner again at the L's home!" we got oh so excited!!! we said yes and set up a day and time(this tuesday, right before i leave!) So we called sister L and told her the good news, she was so amazed and excited!! The L family are an AMAZING member missionary family!!! Because of them they have now brought The R family to the knowledge of this gospel :) I will have to keep you updated of what will happen tomorrow!

Thursday I was on exchanges here in Hood River with Hermana K. We tracted ALL day long! We had amazing experiences! It's truly amazing, Heavenly Father really does put prepared people in our path, all we have to do is just talk to them! One amazing experience was with a woman named O... Hermana K and I were walking to an apartment complex and about to start tracting, well I noticed a mother and her daughter sitting on the park, i said "hey lets go talk to her!" so we went over and started talking... O is so prepared, she wants to be closer to God and she wants her faith stronger!!! We taught her about The Atonement and Faith.. The spirit was so strong that we invited her to baptism and she said yes!!! AHH!!!!!! we were so excited! We  put her on date for september 28th! 
Friday I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL rainbow :)  full and bright rainbow! Well friday was an interesting day.... two drunk guys started talking and asking question and arguing with us.. why imperfect people are teaching a perfect gospel... It got me a little frustrated because NO one is perfect, all Heavenly Father has to work with are imperfect people! So i kept my chin up and testified and gave them a Book of Mormon. Hermana V looked to the drunk guy that was talking about Buddha and laughing the whole time. she says "whats your address...? what is the best time to come by?" they guy mumbles his address and says "visit me wednesday thursday friday or saturday any time" she says "sweet okay we will see you soon. here is our phone number and a Book of Mormon." they guy says "thanksssss, my phone number isss...... see you soon. you're all beautiful(and he winks at us)."  well hey, we got a new investigator!!

Sunday was an amazing day at church!! Finally after 4 months 2 some families finally came to church! It was a miracle!!!! This are progressing so much here in Hood River and White Salmon!!!! There will soon be a spanish branch, I know it!! We put another girl on date as well. Her name is M. The Elders found her and passed her to us. We had an amazing first lesson with her and she understood it! So we invited her to baptism, she said yes, and put her on date for september 21st! WOOHOO another child of God coming into the fold :)

so yes many many many miracles here in the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge. I dont want to leave!!!!! but I am excited to hear what happens :) I am excited to see what miracles will happen in Vancouver! I love you all so much, i'll talk to you all soon!! BYE :)  ~  Hermana Kelsey Jaeger
My companions and I having a little fun with shopping!

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