Monday, August 05, 2013

Early Birthday Celebrations!

Our tri-panionship.  The 2 Hermanas that I am training. They are amazing.  
Well this week was ALL a blur!!!!! We got a few new investigators this week, they are all very interested!! So many little miracles i cant even explain! Well still no one coming to church :/ but we are doing our best, even going with members to go pick up our investigators for church. This is a short email this week because i don't even remember what all happened! we continue to teach amazing lessons in spanish and english. little by little we improve our teaching and expand our knowledge of what and how to teach people. 
All the ermans in our District.  4 are Visa waiters :)

I got all 3 birthday packages last week at our Sisters training... i opened them.. hahaha :) sorry i couldnt wait!!! saturday we will be working so i wanted to open them asap! we laughed so hard when i opened the bottel of RANCH! We are having a party as a zone today so i get to use all the stuff you sent me:)there are only 13 of us, plus an elder couple.. so a total of 15. we want to celebrate and party today! Thank you also to everyone who continues to send me love and those that sent me a little birthday surprise and other things!!!  :)
My Birthday Boxes :)
Little miracles this week, like getting in to teach certain people that never showed interest before. Planting MANY little seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I learned many things this week. most importantly is that we dont always see the fruits of our labor... just as we plant a seed, me may not see the tree grow. or we may not see the fruit begin to grow. all that is important is to plant seeds every where any time. You never know what the future holds :) 

Don't be afraid to be you! be who you are while being a representative of Jesus Christ. we all have different identities and ways to learn and teach and grow. no one is exactly the same, which is why everyone is assigned to serve a mission EXACTLY where they need to be. A mission is for us to grow and learn. we all make mistakes in this life. I am thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that i can try and try and continue to try to be better. 

Well time to enjoy the rest of P-day.. we are going to make cupcakes and celebrate my brithday early with my Zone! and then we all get back to work haha. We are going to have a pinata and use all the  birthday decor I got in the mail.  Sorry I opened all my birthday gifts! I couldnt wait :)  I love everything.
I opened my gifts early.  Thank you!
Time is going by so fast. i come home in 1 year... WOW!  keep working and keep serving!  Cant wait we are listening to Elder Holland come and speak to us August 24th!

I love my family so much :)  Again thank you everyone!  love you all so much!
stay healthy and stay happy :) --  Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

Love the Birthday t-shirts  ~  Have you heard of Sheris?  Well, it was yummy!!

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