Monday, July 29, 2013

Found & Felt many People

WOO HOO!!! 5 MONTHS OUT!!! This week was awesome! We found 2 new investigators this week!!! One in Hood River Oregon and another in White Salmon Washington! 

Well for p-day last week we got to watch The Other Side of Heaven and made cookies, loved it :) 
Wednesday we taught a neighbor of a member. Her name is M, she is very Catholic so it was hard to teach her a lesson about The Restoration of the gospel. But the spirit calmed her and we were able to teach a powerful lesson and give her a Book of Mormon!! I have felt the gift of tongues so strong recently, with listening and speaking in spanish! 
Future Missionaries :)
We also had a miracle, i went on splits with a young woman from our ward and we went tracting, her and I. We ended up talking and teaching a man on the street about the church! It was in english, but the man was a bit not very nice. But the spirit testified so strong and allowed a powerful testimony and lesson to be taught to this man. The young woman that was with me became excited and nervous to eventually want serve a mission :) 

Thursday we found a new investigator after tracting forever!!!!!  L let us in right away and we began teaching her. She is very interested and she is interested in learning more :) 

Friday we got out of the car to begin tracting, and the first person we meet is the brother of a member from our church. It was so funny how Heavenly Father had placed him exactly in our path! we talked to him for a little bit but he had to go, but he was excited to see us and asked where we have been and why we havent come over to teach him?! Well a few second later another person walks out of the house, U, a man we found a couple weeks ago!! he was excited to see us too and he also asked why we havent come over to teach him! AHHH well we obviously realized we need to get over their to teach them ASAP!! 
Gorgeous view of Washington and Oregon. We serve on both sides of this huge river! (all those little dots in the water are people wind surfing and kite boarding!!!!
So lets say we have found and felt MANY people that we need to visit this week!!! YAY for more work and people to teach!!

At church yesterday I learned so much! I came to realize that we are not perfect, no one is perfect... Heavenly Father is very patient because all he has to work with are imperfect people! WE are ALL he has to work with, so don't give up! keep learning and keep working the best you can :)
Deer every where we tract!
Awkward moments this week: I locked the keys in the car...... poor Elder Soper had to drive all the way from Vancouver to come unlock our car! THANK YOU!!!

We went to go contact a referral we received... well it led us to a members home.. nope, J doesnt live their.. so we decided to try the neighbors. We are about to knock on the door but we see 2 men sitting outside talking, so we deiced to go and ask them. well awkward, around the corner a couple feet a way was a group of people quietly sitting in a circle... we dont know what the heck was going on, all we saw was a table with a cross on it.. OOPS! we awkwardly asked "ustedes sabe un mujera J?" haha well they said no, and then we quickly left! 
sorry for my jumbled email!! We are going to go play volleyball now for p-day! LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!! BYE :)  -Hermana Kelsey Jaeger
Some days you gotta have a sense of humor


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for posting this blog. I came across it when looking for information on the Vancouver area. My son, Elder Krentz left for the MTC this morning and will be reporting to the Washington, Vancouver English speaking mission in a couple of weeks. I love the special spirit you show in your postings. I can see the love you have for the people in this area, and am so happy they have wonderful missionaries like you to teach them. <3

  2. Patricia ~ Kelsey says thank you :).Congrats to you and your son. You all will be blessed. Shelli (Kelsey's mom)