Monday, July 15, 2013

Trainer to 2 Hermanas ... & Ahh Spider!!

HOLA!!! well Monday night Hermana V and I felt we needed to have  REAL prayer..... we ended up praying for an hour straight about each individual investigator... it was such a spiritual moment that i cant explain it all through an email. Heavenly Father was trying his best to give us answers but Satan was doing his best to confuse us... we cried the whole time and we felt our room was filled with many people.... from the other side... we couldn't tell if they were the families from the people we are teaching, or if they are people waiting for their work to be done.... either way, THERE IS SOOOO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE!!!!!!!!! well funny thing, after we were done praying and received answers of who to keep and who to drop.. we went over to our white board and erased names... we looked and felt so silly.. we FINALLY had a real prayer and received answers, and we came to realize that the people heavenly father told us to drop where the people we were trying to work with, and the people he told us to keep where the people we haven't been trying with... it was the total opposite of what WE have been doing. I gained a strong witness and testimony that our will is totally different than His will. We need to go to Him for EVERYTHING, we need to receive answers from him and be very very VERY specific with our prayers. 

Windy & beautiful in Hood River, Oregon
There is a lot weighing on the shoulders of a trainer... the trainer is literally expected to do everything. its tough because that is now how a companionship works... now being in a companion ship of 3 (which i love) we all have to work equally together, the trainer just teaches and guides. and of course i don't have much experience as a missionary just yet, so therefore i don't know everything.. I'm not a perfect teacher, I'm not fluent in Spanish, and i make many mistakes. but that is how i learn and that is how i grow. i see my weaknesses and fix them!... i am learning every day. :)

well a funny thing, the little kids here are so bad! hahaha we were tracting in a trailer park and a little boy was flipping us off and trying to whack us with a stick!!!! haha well 

Wednesday we received a new missionary, Hermana S! LOVE HER! she is waiting for her visa to go to A.. we have no idea how long she will be here, so we are trying to train her fast :) I love being with two Hermanas ... and we are all 6 weeks apart(mission time). HAHAH therefore we are all so fresh and learning day by day with our espanol! Our tiny room is cramped with 3 beds but its all good.

Hermana S, V (grey, member that we live with & baby kitties), Hermana V ... I love them all 
Thursday we had a trainer/trainee meeting in Vancouver. It was amazing, i am so grateful Heavenly Father has allowed me the chance right now to fix my mistakes and be a better missionary and trainer. I am using it!!!! i want my mission to be am amazing learning experience, and wow, i am sure learning a lot! One profound thing the mission president said at the meeting was "i need every missionary to now be ready in 6 weeks...." HAHAHA this is going to become a very common thing, no more 12 weeks of training.. many many missionaries are continuing to come out! 

haha the elders out here are like my brothers, we all tell funny and embarrassing stories to each other! friday..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Funniest and scariest moment of my life........ So some nights my tummy doesn't do so well. so i take my journal and write while i am on the toilet... well this night i sat down, opened my journal and began to write, i saw something out of the corner of my eye.. i looked down.. THERE WAS A HUGE SPIDER CHILLING ON MY LAP... ! I screamed and jumped up... BAHAHAHA it was hilarious!!!!! my companions freaked out thinking someone was hiding in the bathroom.. when i told them they busted up laughing!!!! the spider was huge... i killed it and then took a shower. haha!! so many bugs are hiding everywhere!  

also i got a nice package from my family :) LOVE YOU!! well saturday we visited a referral in Trout Lake Washington... it was an awesome experience. we taught the restoration lesson and gave her a book of Mormon. it was such a powerful experience because i feel the need to testify so strongly about the book of Mormon. she said "well if i have questions who do i contact?" we smiled and said "US!!!!!" :) I have learned so much by reading The Book of Mormon and by teaching people! 

Trout Lake Washington
 Sunday i had a profound experience, during church i was thinking about what to speak/testify about(next sunday the high counselor is speaking and asked us missionaries to speak with him)... well i started reading my scriptures and then a ton of answers came to me! i frantically began writing them down!!! This work was supposed to be started yesterday.. we are all late! The time is NOW. literally is now, there are thousands of missionaries being sent around the world, WE NEED WORK!!!!! that work is through the members and through tracting.. missionaries cant do it alone! members don't need to prepare people to be taught.. that is heavenly fathers job! The members make a connection with people, have the missionaries go visit them, and then heavenly father will do the rest :) the worst that can happen is they say no, or they say yes and eventually get baptized! we are ALL wanting to end up in the same place, therefore we need everyone involved now! 

I have found who i am.... Finding yourself comes through studying the gospel, praying, and literally LOSING yourself in the work.. never wanting to stop working, not realizing what day or time it is... I am striving to work harder and harder. This gospel is so perfect and i want EVERYONE to hear it!!!! I know this gospel is true. I know it without a doubt!!! I love you all so much!!! adios!
Beautiful view of Mt. Adams

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