Monday, July 22, 2013

A mission is like the water rapids... RIDE THEM, HANG ON, and ENJOY THEM!

Who washes cars in church clothes?  Oh yeah, the Missionaries!

"You don't get in the way. You create the way!" I said this to someone who was having a rough time :) As missionaries we learn so much, we never stop learning.. because we are never perfect. Trials and difficulties are a part of life. It gives us the understanding of the need to rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Facing trails is not easy... but in the end and along the way trials build faith and confidence. A mission is like the water rapids... RIDE THEM, HANG ON, and ENJOY THEM! Make it to the end and accomplish it, don't quit or watch from the side. GO and DO. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react. 
Me & Hermana S
We did alot of service this week and my eyes have opened up... We helped with a funeral and a wedding... WOW!! seeing where life starts and ends... serving a mission is just a little time out of our life to prepare for the bigger things ahead of us. We also had interviews with the Mission President and his wife. They are amazing people!!!! They receive revelation and they have the spirit so strong to help guide and teach us missionaries... I love it :) I received a strong confirmation that I NEED to be the example, I NEED to be self motivated, I NEED to push myself and others! 

H J reception
Saturday we helped at the wedding for H and D J.. It was amazing :) it makes me excited and looking forward to the day i get married! This weekend i hit my 5 month mark.. WHAT!!! crazy! I need to get into gear! studying and working HARD! 

Sunday 4 of us missionaries in the ward spoke, it was awesome!!! we had a HUGE emphasis on member missionary work. ALL wards around the world need to work. The job of the missionaries is to TEACH the gospel. THAT is what they are called to do during their 18 months/2 years... the members need to find and support the missionaries. Everyone needs to do their callings. Sunday gospel principles class was my favorite, "faith without works is dead!" in simple words, faith is an action! We need hope... If we want a "gift" from heavenly father then we have to put in our faith and effort. we HAVE to have the desire!

As for teaching/finding people... we are teaching a girl V whos mom is a less active member. they are a sweet family :) we invited her to baptism and she is thinking about it, we really are trying our best to get people to church! We feel promtped from the Spirit to keep trying with her.. We are also teaching a very nice spanish lady named Y in washington, she knows this gospel is true and it makes sense... she loved The Plan of Salvation lesson because she really wants to be in the Celestial kingdom!! We invited her to baptism as well and she is nervous but said she will pray about it...

I love love love reading The Book of Mormon, it is amazing how much knowledge i have gained and how much my testimony has grown! I love this gospel!!!

-Hermana Kelsey Jaeger

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