Monday, July 08, 2013

"I got a little time for that"

P-day last week was so fun!!! We went and played basketball with the elders, picked delicious cherries, and had delicious shakes! it was a fun day :) I know the reason hermana v and i are together, its not to learn spanish or to be memorizing everything.. it is to help each other work to be the best we can be, but on our own :) I love my companion, she is my sister now and forever! 
HUGE Sunflower :)
Wednesday we met our AMAZING new mission president and his wife, President and Sister T.. they are from Idaho. they are so amazing! they were specifically sent to open the new Washington Vancouver Mission.. many changes are happening!..... as of right now, there are only 6 spanishsisters in this new Washington Vancouver Mission... SO TINY! lots of my mission will be spent training!!! its crazy. 

As you know, i hate singing solo, or duet, or in front of people... well hermana has an amazing voice, and so lately everyone has been asking us to sing at meetings and baptisms.. haha its funny, that is one of my fears and weaknesses... heavenly father is making me over come that! last minute, the zone leaders asked us two to sing at the meeting with president Taylor, we threw together a song.. and then found out we would be singing without a piano.. BLAH hahahaha.. well when the time came to sing hermana felt the spirit so strong that she was balling and she couldn't sing, therefore i was singing alone, with no piano... WOW who would have ever thought i would be doing that.. not me! well good or bad, everyone felt the spirit :)

Mt. Hood (Volcano) on the 4th
Thursday 4th of July!!!!! our mission president gave us permission to be with a member family for the night, so we of course hung out with the J's for a while, and we watched the fireworks.. it was so fun :) but not as fun as being at home with my real family. we got to stay out past our bed time for a little bit longer ;) 

Hood River Missionaries!  Elder S & M, Hermana V & Jaeger (me)
Friday we had weekly planning, dinner, and then we drove to do our exchanges for saturday. Saturday i spent the day with Hermana K(she was trained by Hermana A, my trainer/1st companion in the field. And she just was training my MTC companion Hermana G!) in Vancouver, the work is very different over there! 
Hermana K & I. I love her. We have the same "MOM"
We tracted into a nice lady, she was happy... until she found out we are Mormon, then she said "i don't have time for that" and slammed the door in our face.. ! We did find an awesome lady, at first she didn't accept The Book of Mormon, but after we bore a strong testimony and explained what the Book of Mormon is, she became interested and accepted the book and said she would read it... nothing is more powerful than a testimony, english or spanish :) 

Sunday, no investigators came, we gotta get people to church!!! Sister L (member in our ward that translates for us every sunday) bore a powerful testimony, "if he has asked you to do it he will make a way, just ask him for it." We all have a time and a season, we can do hard things. Don;t be sad, Christ has given us so many things to be happy about! She also taught an amazing lesson in relief society.. about the second coming, and about the spirit world.. WOW we are so accountable for many things, both the work on this side and the other side..... we gotta get our butts to the temple EVERY DAY!!!! yes, spirits are being taught on the other side, BUT they cannot progress until their work is done here in the temple.. it put a whole new thought in my mind... THIS is the hastening of the work, preparing people on this earth, and doing the work for those who have passed, to help prepare for the coming of Christ!!!! It will be a glorious day and we ALL want everyone to be there for it! our accountability is growing more and more every single day!!!

On the bridge that connects Hood River Oregon & White Salmon.  Washington ...  my area is beautiful :)
Well on a fun note, a lady in our ward made us gorgeous necklaces, and another lady gave us delicious bread.. I love being a missionary :D both with the ups and the downs, its all worth it... this time is preparing me for SO much more, i cant wait to see what that all is!

HAHA funny, so transfers are this wednesday, my comp and i are staying together again here in Hood River Oregon.... There are no spanish sisters coming out to this mission.. well we just got a call from the AP's asking if we would be okay having a visa waiter(spanish, waiting to go to Argentina) be with us as a tri-companionship and start training her for a few weeks until her visa comes... HAHAHAHA HOLY COW, nothing is normal here, SO many changes and crazy things going on!! I am excited but also nervous! we will all be 1 transfer(6 weeks) apart... woooo boy this will be crazy :) I'll email how it goes next week.. take care! LOVE YOU ALL!! ADIOS!
Bridge of the Gods...connects to Oregon & Washington

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