Monday, August 26, 2013

Week of Amazingness ~ (Elder Holland)!!!!

OH MY GOSH SOOOO MUCH TO EMAIL THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! ill try to type it all if not ill write home the rest, but OH MY GOSH!
I was in a tripanionship for a couple days. Hermana M is my new comp/trainee, Hermana P just left for A....!

To start out with... ELDER HOLLAND came to OUR mission, the vancouver mission. he spoke to US missionaires!! AND we ALL got to shake his hand.. YES i have a couple seconds face to face with elder Holland AND got to shake his hand :) he looks RIGHT into your soul! well I took 5 pages of notes on what he said for an hour and a half.. so i cant even being to tell you what he told us.. He felt such a special spirit about our mission, the minute he walked into the door! Ill write home what he said(i dont have enough time to email it all!) 

BUt some other amazing news, YES i made it safe and sound to Vancouver, and my new companion is Hermana M, she is so ready and willing to work!! We are goign to do amazing things together :)  I absolutely love my companion, love Vancouver and love the branch!!

Well monday and tuesday i said bye to my home in Hood River :,( sad day but i will return soon!!! 
Saying Good-BYE to my Companions (trainees).  S  & V. 

The Amazing J Family!!!!
Amazing News:  a part memeber less active family that came to church on my last sunday in Hood River, the N family... well the two kids are now on date for baptism and the mom is loving coming back to church!!
Wonderful N family ~ and I love these cute Young Women who have helped us!
My trainer/mom Hermana A came back to visit the mission, so happy i got to see "mi madre" :)

R, my Trainer/Mom in the Mission Field. I love her!

We had some amazing little experiences this week by simply listening to the Holy Ghost.. WE have talked and taught many people about the gospel and they are so interested!
First day with the Spanish Branch, we went on a "Trek".   There are 4 sets of Spanish Missionaries in the Branch.
Hermana A came back to visit.  And little L between us!
The amazing miracle this week was listening to the prompting to walk and talk to a lady at a park. she invited us back to her home for water and food. we taught her about the Book of mormon and she is excited to hear more!!!!

GAHH AMAZING THINGS ARE HAPPENING HERE!!!! love you all so much. take care!

Hermana Kelsey Jaeger


  1. Just makes my heart go pitter patter! Doing some amazing things! xox

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