Monday, December 16, 2013

day 297, McJamos in a trio for a transfer

Well transfers are this week... I will be staying with Hermana R, and coming to us is Hermana M. We will be in a trio!!! WOOHOO :) back with my baby who I trained :) we will be together for 7 weeks, and we will be combining areas... sooo we will be covering over all of Vancouver.. Its HUGE!!! It will be an awesome transfer! we are praying and working to have some baptisms!!! this will be a busy transfer :) I am excited to continue teaching the people we have been working with here, but excited I also get to work with the people in my previous area. this is a huge blessing! fun fact... something has happened to me every transfer of my mission so far... hopefully that doesn't change ;)
Me, Hermana M & Hermana R
well it was a fantastic week,
Monday night last week the elders came with us to give one of our investigators, S, a blessing of comfort. it was awesome, we had a little visit and lesson with her.. then we went out side and... it was snowing!!! my favorite woohoo. I was so happy, I love the snow!

Tuesday I was on exchanges with Hermana P and she came to my area, it was fun and awesome to be with her again! we taught S about justice and mercy, it was a cool lesson! she accepted a date for baptism, January 11th!!!!!! she is so prepared, and she said she craves the gospel. she loves when we visit her and teach her, she thinks about it all the time! the spirit was so strong in that lesson and I was like on the edge of the couch testifying to her and she was glowing with the spirit :)

Wednesday we went to go contact a referral but they didn't live their any more, so we decided to knock a couple of doors... nada. we tracted into a guy who got mad and said no soliciting(even though we aren't soliciting) and as we walked around the corner he was there by the trashcan, so we turned and walked a different way.. then we knocked the door farthest away, and surprise, a Spanish speaking family!!! they just moved here 3 months ago from salt lake city and they aren't members.. WHAT!!! we got so excited!!!

Thursday we taught a lesson to a part-member English/Spanish family, we brought with us a member. it was such an interesting lesson... the family had their grandpa visiting and he was so funny, but we couldn't teach because he loved to talk! it was an interesting lesson to say the least hahaha it was tough because the family wanted to learn so bad!! next time we will pray for a better lesson.

Friday  we listened to Elder Corbridge, from the area 70 speak to us... I took notes and what I got out of that was to teach people and not just lessons. awesome too this night the lady we taught 2 weeks ago in McDonalds is on date for baptism on jaunary 25th, woohoo! we had some cool miracles this night tracting and finding awesome families!!

Saturday the elders had a baptism so we brought investigators! a family that we are teaching are related to the lady who got baptized, so it was cool :)

Sunday was awesome! S came to church with her kids and they loved it!! they stayed all 3 hours and it was great :) she understood most things and has a couple questions we are going by tomorrow to answer and teach, pray for us because this she is so ready!!!
Zone P-day

well yes, it was a great week of awkward, funny, and sad moments. also many miracles, as always! I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time in this area! it will be a great transfer with great miracles to come! love you all, feliz navidad! Ill see my family next week on Skype!!
awkward OYM's for the week:
1. (knock knock)
"hi whats your name!?"
"uhh, Chris..."
"wel Hi, im Sister Jaeger and we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! and we are here knocking doors, sharing a message about Jesus Christ and about his gospel! Do you believe in Christ?"
"uhh yeah, im a member.."
..............awkward....... hahahaha he was a member that just got baptized 3 months ago!
2. (knock knock) -[its 6:00 at night]
"oh... hi, uh sorry I was expecting the UPS guy..."
"OH! Well even better, you got.. MISSIONARIES!!!(Hermana R said excited)
"hmm, yeah you caught me at a bad time, im in a compromise... bye." haahaha awkward.!
least to say, a mission is awkward, but so rewarding :)
The A family.  Cutest family ever we found.  

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