Monday, December 09, 2013

The cold is here, but we are working harder!

What an AMAZING week it has been! Freezing and snowy, but I love it! So much as happened this week so I will talk about it day by day:
My Companion Hermana R and I
Monday last week we taught an awesome new investigator in McDonalds... yep, we taught her in McDonalds. haha check that off my mission bucket list! it was a pretty awesome lesson. This amazing and prepared family were being taught by elders in Portland, and then we got the referral to visit and teach her since she moved here to Vancouver. Those elders still text here every day to read and pray. and she actually does that!!
Tuesday I was on exchanges with an English sister. We did a lot of tracting in the cold, and of course, the last door we knocked on let us in right away! WHAT!! that's rare! well once we got in she started asking us questions about the three degrees in heaven... soo we started teaching about the plan of salvation :) we come to find out that this family is being taught by missionaries in The Dalles when she goes to work down there! her daughter and her have been reading in the Book of Mormon!! this woman is so prepared! now when i say prepared I men she has gone through so much in her life to be where she is now!
Wednesday we had our Mission Christmas party! we started our day bright and early at 5:30! we went to the Portland Temple(gorgeous!!) all the 200 missionaries from our Mission went to the temple that day. I haven't been to the temple since July, so I didn't want to leave!!! but eventually we had to go. we all got together as a mission at one of the church buildings, we had dinner and watched a slide show of pictures. then we had President Taylor speak to all of us, he is so funny!!!  we took a mission picture then we had a hilarious talent show! some of the missionaries shared their talents! it was hilarious, the Spanish elders sang and did a rap.
Temple Trip to Portland Oregon.  I love the Temple!
Hermana V I trained :) ~  Some of the Hermanas!
Thursday was rough... no one was answering their door! but that's okay because in the night we had an awesome lesson with 2 of our investigators and a couple from the branch came with us to teach them! we talked about baptism and about how to know if these things are true, he said yes when he receives his answer he will get baptized. it was funny though because he is an active catholic and he said "well, I will first have to divorce myself from the catholic church before I join your church." haha it was interesting...

Need to get back to exercising!
Friday we woke up to SNOW! ahh it was beautiful snow :) the bummer part was we couldn't drive our car half of the day! my fingers and toes were frozen haha it wasn't fun. 

but friday we had 2 awesome lessons this day! one with our new investigator who wants to be baptized and another with a family that is related to someone the elders are baptizing this weekend, crazy family connections here in Vancouver!!! we had some interesting OYMs Friday... a lot of shirtless people out... it was freezing! and a lot of people that were "busy" but still had time to answer the door... my favorite thing someone said was "sorry I don't want to let the cold air in, bye.." and she shut the door, I thought to myself.. hmmmm well this message is pretty dang important for us to be choosing to be out here in the cold!!!! I also had a crazy guy get in my face... he was cussing and talking bad about Jesus Christ.. I tried to share things with him but he just kept say "what? I cant hear you.. what? you're crazy, what are you talking about.. man im too tough for you, you need to get me a preacher man." I thought, well technically I am a preacher... a disciple of Christ!! but hey, that's okay, I just ignored what he said and left.
Saturday it was freezing, again. well we invited someone to be baptized and she said yes!! for January 11th! hopefully I am here for that! if not that's okay, she is prepared too. we just have to help get all these people to church!!
Sunday was just a normal day at church.
soo yep it was a great week :) a freezing one!! I've never worn so many clothes before hahahahaha. I cant wait to go to the beach next year in the summer! for now I enjoy teaching and talking to people. I am excited to Skype home in 2 weeks, woohoo!  have  a great week <3 Merry Christmas!

I have been worrying a lot about my family this week... now that it is the holidays I think of them even more!! I worry and pray for them every day. in my study one morning I read this and applied it to me :)
"...continue to preach from that hour, and if [you] will do this in all lowliness of heart, in meekness and humility, and long-suffering, I the Lord, give unto [you] a promise that I will provide for [your] families;" Doctrine and Covenants 118: 3

WA Vancouver is beautiful! 

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