Monday, December 30, 2013

Success is starting to be seen

Tracked into a member who gave us some sweet leathermans (pocket knives) haha
Well what an amazing week it was here!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and hope you will all have a safe and excellent new year!! well here was my week:

Monday we bought some gifts to do a secret santa drop off for these two families we are teaching :) we had a huge miracle happen tonight... there is a family in the branch that have been taking their nieces to church for a while.. we got a call on Monday to start teaching them, they want to be baptized... WHAT!!! so we went over that night and taught the two girls. They want to be baptized for sure!! we also taught S tonight, another one who is on date for baptism.. we taught about the Sabbath day and Hermana M taught her something cool.. that yes sunday is our day of rest, but when we go out and buy things we are making other people work and they don't get to rest... that made so much sense to S and she committed to keep it! we got a sad call tonight, since we are in a trio President needs Hermana M to be transferred somewhere else... sad day :/
Tuesday, Christmas Eve! we had a district meeting today then ate at Super Taco!!! delicious place we eat at every week! we had another lesson with the two little girls :) and we committed them to be baptized!! we asked them to choose a date, and to decide the girls played rock-paper-scissors.. hahaha that has never happened before!!! they chose January 11th.... so yes, WE ARE HAVING A BPATISM ON JANUARY 11th!!! it will be amazing :) this night we were at a little music program, we had a friend on his way but he got into a car crash.. he doesn't speak English so we had to go help him translate for the cop and people.. it was super funny when the cop came.. he pulled up in his car, forgot to put it in park, and started getting out.. then the car started rolling and he started shouting bad words and jumped back in the car to stop it.. HAHAHA my companion and I looked at each other shocked and had to laugh!!! it was a funny night. we ate dinner with our branch president and his family :)
Christmas Eve with Hermana M  ~  Christmas PJ'S
wendesday, Christmas day!!!! I got to Skype home for an hour!! and ash was skyping home at the same time!! so I got to see my missionary sister through Skype :D then my brother skyped home later. it was a great start to the day! hahaa my family is still the same, not a surprise my dad was cooking bacon while i was skyping home... haha well we ate dinner with a hilarious family from the branch :) tons of yummy food!! then we went over to visit a family that we are teaching! they are so amazing!! she made us dinner and we played a game :0 it was a fun and food filled day! it was such an amazing Christmas!
Playing games and eating with this amazing family
thrusday we taught the two girls again :) the for sure age getting baptized!! they talked to their parents and they said it is okay! woohoo!!! I love teaching young kids... the 8 year old said "yeah we need to follow Christ and be baptized so that we can live with him. because if we don't then we have to live with santa... I mean satan! darn, I always confuse them." hahahaha it was soo cute :) so Hermana M is now companions with my old companion Hermana V... my two babies that I trained are now serving together! its pretty cool :)
A & G family made us gingerbread men...& they were good! W/comp Hermana R

Friday, hit my 10 month mark! what the heck!! we talked to some more people today, obviously haha.

Saturday ... just a long day. we had appointments set but they all fell through! but we kept our day busy and talked to people... I have to say its pretty nice with only 2 of us living in an apartment, because now for the first time ever in my life, I get my own bathroom! ahh its nice :)

sunday was awesome!!!! the family we have been teaching for a while, that we were with on Christmas, came to church again :) woohoo!!!!! success is starting to be seen :) I am so happy!! good or bad I love my mission!

ahhh just what an amazing week!!!!!!!!! never give up on people, teach and talk to everyone!!! miracles come out of nowhere, we are working so hard and now we are having a baptism from someone we didn't even find ourselves. many blessings :)

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