Saturday, March 02, 2013

MTC ~ Early Surprise letter!!!

So I got lucky and I got half of a pday today!!!  
(Got to email/chat with Kelsey back and forth for 30 min) And she has already seen "4" of her friends in the MTC.  She said she needs to find 8 friends and 1 COUSIN before she leaves.  :)

...Surprise, I am always the first one awake, and I am on time to most things.  except gym haha I dislike Gym.  Ready for this crazy part... Ashley is only 2 doors down from me in our rooms!  SO CRAZY!!!  Also if you mail food, make sure it doesn't perish... one kid got cheesecake his mom sent taken away haha.  I already saw Elder Finnie, Sister Wright and Ashley's friend Mckenzie!!  Thank everyone for all the letters!!....


I love you so much! It is day 4 and there is so much to do. We have a schedule for every day, but most of the time it is the same. My p-days are on friday mornings. So keep your email on for those days!!! I barley eat and sleep because there is so much to do and to learn. My mind is more hungry than my stomach. haha The spanish is very very difficult, I wont lie. But i know the Lord wouldnt give me something I couldnt handle. 

Last night my companion Hermana Griffin and I taught our first lesson to an "investigator." It was so scary. I felt the spirit and I knew what to say in english, but words could not come out of my mouth in spanish. I started to talk about families! The experience was unique. 

The MTC is an amazing place. Everyone here is so uplifting and they always want to help one another. The spirit is here 24/7. I wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile, haha

Learning a language is the most difficult thing. BUT trying to express your feelings and thoughts through that language is even more difficult, but then I remember, that is what satan wants us to do... Give up, so that the Lords work does not progress... I dont want that to happen! This gospel is amazing, I want to try my best and never give up!

Sorry this message is random. I am just typing everything I have thought and felt. Ashley loves you, her P-day is on thursday, so look forward to hearing from her next week! I am trying to wright in my journal every night... But like I said, there is just so much to do!!! There are a TON of missionaries here! IT IS CRAZY! There are 6 girls and 4 boys in my district, and there are 26 girls and 25 boys in my zone... The girls are doing an amazing job! I will send pics next week :)

To the family: I love them SO SO MUCH!!! Boys prepare now, seriously. You can never be over prepared. Read study and understand as much as you can. I miss my family so much.  I love you and I will write you all letters as often as I can! 
Hermana Jaeger


  1. So good to hear from her! She is loving her mission! Oh so proud of her! xox

  2. How beautiful her note is! Brings back treasured memories. So sweet of you to share. Very proud of my cousin. ;) xo

  3. Awesome spirit in her notes! How fun to hear from her already. Thanks for sharing Shelli.

  4. She sounds so happy and loving it already! I love that she wakes up with a smile and goes to bed with a smile. :) She is an amazing girl!