Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 3 MTC "I'm a Coordinating Sister, similar to a Zone Leader"

We love mustaches!  Happy St. Patricks Day
   This week has been amazing! I am officially half way done at the MTC. Time is flying by super fast

I put these on everyones desks, they loved it - Elder Moody

Lessons with the "investigators" are becoming better. More teaching by the spirit and understanding what their concerns and questions are. The spanish is coming! Still slow though haha

Sunday was amazing as always. One of the things I learned from the devotional was that Jesus should be our cornerstone and the gospel should be our keystone. Most people around the world are searching for the truth but know not where to find it! So we must open our mouth and not be afraid :)

The spirit was able to be in the room as we were teaching our "investigator" on monday, and he prayed at the end! So amazing, because he is a difficult one to teach and help!
Elder Joel Finnie from home!!
Tuesdays devotional was awesome too. the Spirit is just like Salt... You can't explain what it tastes/feels like, people must try it for themselves! 
I also got assigned.... to be a coordinating sister!!! It is the girl version of a zone leader! I am super excited :) I get to spend time with the new sisters/elders that come into our zone each week. One of the new sisters I actually worked with in the San Diego temple for a day! Such a small world. I love being a missionary and spending my time helping others! I still feel like a baby here, but now it is time to help the new babies. I always joke saying sleeping in is 6:30 haha but seriously it is. 

My companion and I put a well prepared lesson together.  But by the time we asked about himself his questions I ended up teaching about something else!  About the Book of Mormon and the gospel.  It wasn't very clear but I did my best.  When we teach we can only bring our little missionary planner and our spanish scriptures.  It is important to always be prepared.  I shared a scripture from 2 Nephi 32:3.  In the moment I had no idea what it meant, but I felt I should share it.  Once we returned to class I read the scripture in english, and was surprised!  It was a perfect scripture for Jose' and the lesson we taught!  I cant wait to come home and share all these scriptures with you.

Elder Escobar again

Oh funny...remember when we drove by the MTC before we were dropped off and we saw a building close to the road and we said wouldn't it be funny if you lived there.. Well Ash and I actually do live in that exact building!  I'm almost in the exact window/spot too hahaha!

I went tp the Temple today the other day.  I miss the SD temple.  I love this gospel and the spirit is real!  Sorry I dont have much to say, the timer on the computer is scaring me!  I love you all, thank you again for all the love and support!  I return home in 17 months!!!  WOOHOO!!!  
LOVE - Hermana Kelsey Jaeger
Met Elder Dalton before going to the MTC.  Look at our photo bomber in the middle!

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  1. That's awesome she's a coordinating sister! She has always been a leader and it's cute to see her still goofy in the MTC! Love you Kels!