Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 2 MTC "Comforting, sincere blessing from my Zone Leader"

District 20D Hermanas love our Zone Leaders

OH wow how the time is flying by! I am on week 3 right now... I am almost half way done at the MTC! I am learning so much. I have to remember to not freak out when a lesson with an "investigator" goes bad, because this is traning! We all go to the MTC to learn! Well, so much has happened this week... Sunday's are the best, the spirit is a beautiful thing. We had someone from the MTC department talk to us for the devotional that night..  it was about The Triangle. I will take a picture of it and send it next week.
COUSINS!!!  With 3,000 Choir member we always manage to find each other 

The other day was tough. I was studying in class at night and my nose started bleeding BAD!  So I ran to the bathroom and it was pouring and flowing out.  I started to panic and shake.  All the girls ran to help me.  All I remember is lying down on Hermana McBrides lap on the floor.  After that I don't remember anything.  I went to the office pale and week.  It was late so the Dr was not in.  I laid on the couch helpless and shaking, tissues everywhere.  They contacted my Zone Leaders who are amazing Elders!  They rushed to put their clothes back on because they were already in bed!  Elder Blackburn gave me such a comforting and sincere blessing.  He was a little shaky and I thanked him for helping me.  This is happening daily but I have faith things will get better.  The worst part was that the MTC water was shut off for maintenance because of construction!  Elder Blackburn managed to find some ice and a glass of water.  It was so scary because I didn't know what to do or remember much.  And my mom wasn't there to be by my side.  But everyone here is so so so kind and helpful!
Elder Blackburn leaving for the field  ~  Finally, a meal I can eat.  With Hermana Butterfield

The next day I went to the clinic to see the Dr.  The Dr was telling me and showing me ways to control the bleeding.  He twisted the tissue and shoved it up his nose.  Pinching the outside .  As he is showing me his nose started bleeding!! hahaha.  It was pretty bad but we thought it was funny.  He made the nurse take care of me while he took care of himself he was so embarrassed.

Doing what we do best EVERYDAY ~ STUDYING
Tuesdays are the best too because we have devotional again, this time we hade a member of the 70 speak to us. It was powerful... One thing I remember him saying is to write down what you think life will be like in 18 months... I started to laugh and almost cry because 18 months sounds so short! I wrote down that I will love my mission, I will be heading home and probably crying. I know in 18 months my life will be changed so much, and I will help other people change their life! I really needed to hear this because I need to stop focusing on what I am doing wrong or what I messed up on. I need to remember how far I have come and how far I am wanting to go :) The other devotional was Marcos Aidukaitis fro the 70.  He was funny but serious.  He talked about the 3 degrees of glory!  To make a decision which one we want to be in, and write it in BIG letters in our journals!  I did that :) CELESTIAL! Once you make a decision then all other small decisions will be simple.  I love devotionals.  It's always exactly what I need to hear.

This is just Choir! ~ Sunday walk to the Temple

I got a package!  ~  Nice day for a 'picnic'

A mission is not for everyone, yes that is very true... But if you desire to serve a mission for the Lord then YOU can do it. HE will help YOU to help OTHERS. I have the best teachers, they always make sure we are doing okay... and I always hear the question "Is there anything I can do for you?" I love the MTC! I also love reading the scriptures. I have never been one who enjoys reading, or studying, or class... But being on a mission is changing that. I don't want to put my scriptures down, I don't want to sleep because I could be spending those 7 hours doing more important things! But they keep saying Exact Obedience, so I have to remember to do that haha. 

I spy Ashley  ~  Do you?
It is crazy to see districts in my zone starting to leave for the mission field.... I will soon be in that same position... I love wednesdays because that is when all the new BABIES arrive! haha we call them babies because they are so young and new like we were.   I have seen many framiliar faces here in the MTC, so to anyone who is reporting before April 9th I will keep my eye out for you and I will find you!... in a non creepy way hahaha I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support :)
SO MANY BOOKS!!  Yes, we use them all :)
Food is blah. Showers are fine, I wake up early to take a long shower haha. I love my companion, it is important to have a good connection. Get a good rest, the days are long but the weeks are short!  Use study time wisely. ALWAYS pray. Ask questions. Prepare as much as you can before you come to the MTC, you wont have any time to focus on yourself. And most importantly: Love your family ALL the time, they are the ones who will support you every day your are out in the field. They will be the ones who you will leave and return home to.
Almost a month down! I can't wait to teach real investigators!!!
Love, Hermana Jaeger
My schedule ~ Study time


  1. Love to see she still has her cute sense of humor! Cute pics! What an awesome testimony and love to serve! xox

  2. Bless her heart, I hope her nose bleeds get better. She's so all the books around her! She's working hard! I love her testimony and hearing how much she's growing. That's so cool she see Ashely all the time.